Monday, 21 January 2013

Elanor Mallow, "The Redcoat"

Hey all, after making all that Redcoat stuff, I decided I should make THE Redcoat. So here she is: Elanor Mallow, the Redcoat from Assassin's Creed III. She's wearing a new mesh I made to make the Redcoat uniforms female compatible, however it is not yet perfect, as the rear belt is a bit weird because of the BOOBIES I had to make. I am working to fix that, but her hairstyle will cover it up for now. The .RAR comes with all the CC you will need, but if you already have my Tricorn V2 then you won't need to install it again. Happy downloading!


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Assassin's Creed III Redcoats V2

So, I have been working on this for a while, and it has finally found it's way onto the internet. Although my first Redcoat release was considerably better than my first ventures into historical Sims clothing, I felt it had a lot of flaws. After watching The Patriot, one of my all time favorite movies, I decided to go back and update my work. I have made a new Tricorn, witch is more detailed and accurate than the original, and is an entirely new mesh. YOU WILL NEED THE HAT SLIDER MOD. It is an accessory. I've made a new variation of the original jacket, with a single belt and gold details. Both now have epaulettes. I also made a General Officer's uniform, witch is available in both British and Continental colours There are new boots, which are based off Tesi's mesh, and the knickers have been updated too. For each uniform I have made a Sim, and from left to right they are, British Grenadier, British Officer, British General and British Redcoat. All have appropriate traits and every outfit is historically influenced. Some of the other outfits and hairs require EP's, but the actual uniforms are CC, and are base game compatible. If you have any of my older stuff, just uninstall it before installing this to prevent any issues. You can download all the clothing items separately, or if you download the actual Sims the RAR file will include the CC used on that Sim, which I would recommend. No more tarrying, onto pics and downloads:

I've taken all the outdated stuff down except for the hat, as it is still useful (just inferior). And the new boots are only available with the Officer and the General, as they are not my mesh and I do not want to post something that I did not make, but they are needed for my Sims and can't be found in many other places, so I have included them with the Sims that require them.
Watch this space: Borgia stuff coming soon!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Assassin's Creed 3 British Redcoats [Old version - Deleted]

My final post for today...
Two British Redcoats - a Regular and a Grenadier - as complete Sims, with full, historically accurate uniforms and accessories to boot. And yes, I know you're looking at the Grenadier thinking "But Eskippy! He's wearing a chef's hat!", and yes, it is a chef's hat, but if you actually research military history you'll see that Highlanders (which the Grenadiers are based off) actually wore hats like that. The Grenadier has all his outfits made to be historical, but with the Regular I think (read: can't remember) I only did his everyday outfit, but I guess you can fix it. Everything is base game compatible, with the exception of the Regular's boots, which are from Showtime, but if you don't have that just use another set of ankle boots. I think some of the Grenadiers outfits use EPs as well, but the actual uniforms are all fine. Oh, and ALL OTHER AC3 BRITISH STUFF IS INCLUDED IN THIS, so you won't need to download the other files.  


Assassin's Creed 3 Grenadier Kilt and Boots [Old version - Deleted]

Yup, a fancy-schmancy kilt for your own little Scotsman. Yes, I know it is EA, but sshhhh, you will need it for my next upload. Comes in 3 colour schemes, including that of my own family, the Black Douglas clan. The boots are just boots, with one of those wrap-aroundy things they wore on them in Colonial times. All is base game compatible, no expansions or CC required. Pics and Download links:

Download both at mediafire: [DELETED]

Assassin's Creed 3 Redcoat Uniform [Old version - Deleted]

My first post (yay!)
It's all in the title, a Redcoat uniform inspired by AC3, based off the 1st Foot Guards during the American Revolution. Although it is similar to EA's El Matador Jacket, but is an entirely new mesh so it should work fine on it's own. Pants, socks and a Tricorn hat are available as well, and are all base game base game compatible. Credit to All About Style for the pants mesh. So, without further a due,  pictures and download:

Download at mediafire: [Deleted]

Download at mediafire: [Deleted]

And yes, I know the jacket won't change size, but that's your fault for trying to make a fat soldier. You can, however, change it with custom body sliders.