Saturday, 30 March 2013

Rule Britannia Set v1

So here it is, the first official release of my Rule Britannia set, 5 months in the making.
Well, not quite.
But it was a journey. 
This is separate to my other Redcoats… this a brand-new, separate set for the British Empire.
It contains 6 different hats, one of which was textured by the amazing Cnih (you will need the sliders), two outfits, both fully recolourable and thin-fat compatible, with 7 variations between them. There are two belts, for which the mesh for one was donated by the talented Capital Sims, as well as two different Muskets, and a lovely Union Jack to hang on your wall  (This is the only item that is not base game compatible; it requires Supernatural).
Once again bear in mind there may be a few bugs… this is only the Tumblr release. If you experience any problems feel free to let me know. And yes, we know the textures are a bit weird in CAS, because some of the stuff is converted.
It looks fine in-game. 
Anyway, here you go: